Pat Slayton

The valuable information that Arnie Cisneros, PT has imparted on our agency has been fun, exciting and enlightening for our management, clinicians and leadership.  We have grown these past 3 months in knowledge of Medicare, the OASIS, care delivery, and have improved outcomes as well as impacted our bottom line.  We highly recommend Arnie to other agencies who want to grow as a highly functional agency positioned for clinical case conferences, and especially outcomes.  The staff have enjoyed the process and have grown in areas that they found previously unfamiliar.  Arnie’s S.U.R.C.H. method is unlike any other.  His case conferences are unique and invaluable. Arnie is a consultant who can evaluate your program, but his implementation of improving your processes is the key to his highly beneficial services.  I would recommend him to all agencies who want to grow, become very effective, and challenge their staff, while adding to their bottom line!!

Pat Slayton, Assistant Director VNS
Lifespan, Inc.

David Curtis

Arnie’s contributions to the strategic and clinical direction of our company are without peer. He is pragmatic, to-the-point, professional, responsive, creative, and a trusted advisor. His insights reflect realties from the front-lines and at the tip of the spear as home health providers adapt to a new era in homecare. Don’t waste your time or money with the old-line, established consultants in our industry who are promoting best practices based on a pre-2008 operating model and reimbursement environment.

David Curtis, President
Residential Home Health

Roselyn Argyle

To all of our fellow Medicare Home Health Care companies: Should you find your agency under your fiscal intermediary’s scrutinizing resulting in a “Prepayment Audit” of your billings; RUN to Arnie Cisneros P.T. of Home Health Strategic Management! Roll up your sleeves, dig in your heels, and prepare your clinical staff for a “paradigm shift”! Arnie will help you understand why you will never do business with Medicare the same old way again! He will help you re-educate your clinical staff in:

  1. Correct Oasis Documentation
  2. Establishing frequency and duration care planning.
  3. Structuring documentation which substantiates care which is “Medically Reasonable and Necessary”!

You may think, “We are doing that already!” As a 25 year Medicare certified agency, so did we! After we began working with Arnie in re-tooling our clinical program we were able to reduce our denial rate from 30% to 7% and move off prepayment audit in just 6 weeks!

Roselyn Argyle
A&D Health Care Professionals, Inc.
Saginaw, Michigan

Todd C. Nelson

I just wanted to take a moment to expand on how much Arnie’s ideas have helped our agency and myself directly as a supervisor.

Hearing from Arnie is a great opportunity to learn the newest Medicare information and the reminders on the importance of the SURCH tool. The importance of continuously reviewing utilization has crystallized in my mind through repeated interaction with his company.  Using Arnie’s ideas, I have been able to educate and motivate my therapy staff and, even though most of them have been doing home care for years, they have shown marked improvement with utilization throughout the last year.  I have also had the opportunity to work with our nursing staff as well to drill home the importance of an accurate OASIS assessment that drives the plan of care and allows the patient to get the maximum benefit while helping the agency remain fiscally responsible.

Todd C. Nelson MPT, MBA
Rehab & Marketing Supervisor
Loma Linda University Medical Center, Home Health Care

Lisi Coleman

I had been interested in SURCH since I first saw Arnie speak over a year ago and looked forward to the opportunity to implement the program.

Over the past few months, I have had the privilege of working with HHSM consultants on the SURCH program. When we initially started, my goal was to train my nurse coding team to learn how to improve their overall competency in OASIS and improve our HHRG where possible. What we ended up obtaining was so much more. The SURCH team assisted us to not only drastically improve OASIS knowledge, but also provided us leadership training. Our nurse leadership learned how to teach these valuable concepts to other staff and was empowered to communicate in a completely different way. As a result, our field staff are more comfortable with how and why they score the way they do, and our RN supervisors have the tools they need to maintain a high level of compliance, improve the documentation of outcomes and appropriately case manage resources on every patient. We, as an agency, have also seen a tremendous difference in our HHRGs as well!

I believe SURCH is a key component for all agencies to consider, especially in today’s home health environment. Thank you HHSM and Kim, Arnie, Jennifer, Leigh, and Faye!

Lisi Coleman, RN, BSN, and CEO
Evangeline Home Health

Dawn Jacobson

Arnie was informative, enlightening and energetic and gave our management team and clinicians invaluable information on his SURCH method as well as the future of Home Care. The clinicians were extremely receptive and enthusiastic to begin the SURCH process. Thanks so much Arnie.

Dawn Jacobson, RN, MSN, Director of Home Care
Meridian at Home

Monmounth County

Coleen Conway-Svec

St. Joseph Mercy Home Care developed a partnership with Arnie Cisneros of HHSM to implement necessary changes in our agency. The goals were to optimize therapy utilization, minimize downcodes, improve Home Care Compare scores and increase referrals. The cornerstone of their program is education and staff development regarding clinical analysis and case conference strategies. After 90 days, Home Care Compare scores improved and downcodes were reduced. At the same time, visit totals decreased while reimbursement ratios improved. These results have exceeded our expectations in terms of measurable progress towards the planned program objectives.

Coleen Conway-Svec, RN, MS, MBA, System Integration Leader
St. Joseph Mercy Home Care and Hospice
Trinity Health

Janie Christner

Arnie provided great insight into the strategies necessary to prepare for the future challenges we face in the Home Health industry. His presentation energized staff and opened the minds of our leaders to challenge their paradigms related to the delivery of home health care.  The strategies Arnie brought to the table will enable the Agency to take a visionary approach to service delivery and put us in a place to be a bellwether to the industry.

Janie Christner, Director Home Health
Home Nursing Agency and Visiting Nurse Association

Diane Levan

South Jersey VNA invited Arnie Cisneros of HHSM to provide an inservice for all disciplines as well as a two day one-on-one case conference.  Arnie received compliments from the therapists who felt “it was the best thing they have ever heard”.  The case conference brought everyone back to basics: supporting quaility patient outcomes, understanding the Medicare audit, and documentation tips.  He was energetic, and individualized the case conference to meet the needs of each clinician – nurses and therapists alike.

Diane Levan, RN, MSN, Director of Home Care
South Jersey VNA