Pat Slayton

The valuable information that Arnie Cisneros, PT has imparted on our agency has been fun, exciting and enlightening for our management, clinicians and leadership.  We have grown these past 3 months in knowledge of Medicare, the OASIS, care delivery, and have improved outcomes as well as impacted our bottom line.  We highly recommend Arnie to other agencies who want to grow as a highly functional agency positioned for clinical case conferences, and especially outcomes.  The staff have enjoyed the process and have grown in areas that they found previously unfamiliar.  Arnie’s S.U.R.C.H. method is unlike any other.  His case conferences are unique and invaluable. Arnie is a consultant who can evaluate your program, but his implementation of improving your processes is the key to his highly beneficial services.  I would recommend him to all agencies who want to grow, become very effective, and challenge their staff, while adding to their bottom line!!

Pat Slayton, Assistant Director VNS
Lifespan, Inc.