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Over 30 Years of Experience

HHSM was born from 30 years as clinical rehab service providers focused on elevated outcomes in both clinical patient programs and the related financial results. As Medicare introduced the PPS model and installed it to Providers across the care continuum, increased case management was required to create the successful care programs, particularly under an evolving Home Health model. Based on contracts with multiple level Provider types (acute care, SNF, HH), we were accustomed to Utilization Review Management models that assured efficient, best practice care programs used to manage care outside the homecare environment. When Skilled Nursing Facility contracts were re-engineered to address PPS reforms, we quickly noted that the adaptation of similar management techniques provided similar outcomes in the Home Health sector.

Demonstrating the Highest Level of Care Production and Delivery

Continuing to seek the highest level of care production and delivery for our Home Health clients and patients, we extrapolated the Utilization Review philosophies onto the newly introduced Home Health PPS model. Our Home Health UR model, SURCH – Service Utilization Review for Care in the Home, was introduced in 1999 in our private practice. Based on CMS UR philosophies from outside the homecare world, SURCH created Medicare-compliant efficient care programs that achieved elevated levels of clinical and fiscal outcomes compared to Home health benchmarks. Over the next 10-15 years, SURCH became recognized as an effective quality care management model that addresses the demands of a shifting Healthcare landscape. In 2016, SURCH was named the Innovative Care Model of the year by the Visiting Nurses Association of America (VNAA).

Post – Acute Management

HHSM subsequently entered the Post – Acute management industry due to the newly introduced ACO model that creates episodic care programs. By employing our extensive first-person knowledge of Post – DC patient management and progression for Medicare clients, we have worked with multiple Pioneer ACOs as Post – Acute strategists with varying programs. The unique HHSM approach of employing acuity-based Utilization Review pays dividends under the episodic model; outlining the preferred Post-DC path and Providers, and managing specific LOS vs. care quality questions. Based on our proprietary Post-Acute Utilization model, we have been awarded and managed Bundled Pilot Programs and managed ACO post-Acute populations to higher level outcomes as a results of real-time UR management extended throughout the entire episode.


HHSM has developed an exciting homecare program that utilizes real-time solutions to solve clinical questions and decisions Medicare-certified agencies face daily.

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As leaders in the industry, HHSM often presents at conferences, sharing knowledge we’ve learned from over 30 years of experience.

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2018 MAHC Annual Conference
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