The Role of IT in Home Health – Part 2

Part 1 of the HHSM Newsletter IT report outlined the growing role of Information Technology as it relates to care development, delivery, and management, and particularly how those elements address the challenges of community care. In addition, the new care models, ACOs, Care Transitions Bundling, Medical Homes, and Population Health Chronic Care management will present new issues regarding the use of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) in our daily lives. This is a part of healthcare now, every bit as relevant as sterile technique, telemetry, neuro-developmental therapy techniques, or pharmaceutical care.

HHSM Newsletter sponsors provide IT-based platforms and assistance to Home Health and other Post-Acute Providers as a means of producing and delivering care that is both quality-based and progressive. Most are leaders in their respective areas of focus and expertise, though the range of services they have developed span the wide-ranging needs of today’s homecare Provider. Clinical EMR, communication, Inter-connective platforms, telemonitoring, and business management services are all present for agencies seeking advantages in the market.

We’ve created a short summary of each of the HHSM Newsletter sponsors highlighting features of their particular products; each of the sponsors logos appear on the newsletter, click on them and they link to their individual websites for more product or contact information.

therapyBOSS – Home Health therapy software that provides Electronic Clinical Documentation for therapy disciplines and contractors. Focused on the unique needs of the rehab clinician or contractor, therapyBOSS is fully equipped with capabilities; referral management, reassessment tracking, billing/payment with QuickBooks capability, HR management, alert communication capability. therapyBOSS, the newest addition to the rehab contractor documentation product line is based in Chicago, Illinois.

PPS Plus – Coding Education and Service, located in Biloxi, MS, and features national Coding Expert Jennifer Warfield RN, BSN, HCS-D, COS-C. PPS Plus Offers EMR OASIS Analysis Plus for Coding, Case-mix, Financial Reports, HH-CHAPS and Pecos Assistance. PPS Plus provides Coding and OASIS management to clients of all sizes on a national basis.

HealthWare – Offers Point of Care software for Home Health, Hospice, and Private Duty. This Windows-based product, since 1986, integrates documentation from third parties, provides analysis/feedback on patient assessments. Also offers healthcare innovation applications available for health management packages.

TherapySync – Established in 2003 by Rodney Morgan, MPT; this documentation EMR for therapy providers and contractors recently located to Dallas, TX. TherapySync offers scheduling, billing, payroll, documentation, reporting and auditing assist. They use the cloud for mobility capabilities; also offer EMR options and therapy business consulting services.

Healthcare Synergy – Located in Southern California, Healthcare Synergy is your Home Health Automation Resource and Healthcare Assistant Software service. Offering EMR for all Home Health functions, Educational Seminars and Webinars, multiple applications for clinical management including Home Health Gold, PPS Plus, SHP, and others. In addition, Healthcare Synergy is a leader in Electronic Claim Submission, Billing, Payroll, Finance and Accounting services; their wide range of products and services are supportive of all aspects of Home Health.

MobileCare247 – This Michigan-based product offers IT-based connective software for the new Care Models; their connected platform helps healthcare Professionals deliver quality care programs with a focus on the regulatory requirements of the future. Home Health Nursing and Monitoring services, Programs for Med Adherence, Family & Senior caregivers, Care Transitions, and Corporate Wellness programs are inclusive in MobileCare 247 product lines. MobileCare 247 offers the latest in ACO and patient-centered connectability.

Delta Health Technologies – based in Altoona, PA, Delta offers “Software that Cares” for Homecare, Hospice, Private Duty and therapy. Based in Altoona, PA since 1968, Delta service lines include a wide-range of services for healthcare Providers, including “Appointmate”, “Encore”, “LaunchPoint”, and “RhapsodyCare”. “Clinical Virtuoso” offers therapy IT platforms, and the newest Delta product, “Crescendo” offers care coordination, competitiveness, and connections.

Pil Health – Patient Information Logistics – In-home telehealth, telemonitoring services, and wireless technology services for healthcare Providers. PIL Health products monitor patient conditions and medication adherence, and deliver vitals reports to clinicians via automated processes. Located in TN, PIL Health also offers account management, operation and monitoring policies, and website dashboard.

Arnie Cisneros, P.T., President of Home Health Strategic Management, is the most progressive speaker in homecare today. He provides coaching and consulting services to providers on a national basis (see regarding S.U.R.C.H. and other clinical management protocols for quality outcomes.