Breaking News!! HHSM SURCH Results Under Rebasing are In!!

Revisiting Rebasing Water cooler talk in the homecare industry has recently centered on the payment of 2014 claims, and the real-time effects of this year’s Case-Mix Rebasing on reimbursement levels. Most Home Health Providers crossed their fingers and hoped for the best in light of the 2014 PPS Final Rule Update and the installation of […]

Cisneros Delivers Hard Truths About Home Care’s Future

The article below is reprinted from Tim Rowan of Rowan Consulting Associates in the Home Care Technology Report, originally published on April 23, 2014. by Liz Seegert Sometimes reality is not pretty, but it is still reality. “If home care companies do not change their mindset about how they do business in this post-ACA era, […]

HomeSight®: A Home Health Opportunity for 17 Years and Counting

As the CEO of a home health agency, you have certain expectations of quality initiatives that are started in your agency. However, back in 1996, as a field nurse for Evangeline Home Health in south Louisiana, I could never have imagined the impact our “root cause analysis” would have on me personally and patients nationally. […]

A Response to Rebasing

Assure Case-Mix Performance while Preparing for Healthcare Reforms Case-Mix Rebasing The 2014 PPS Final Rule outlines the rebasing of Home Health rates as mandated by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (PPACA). The Rebasing, in the form of rate adjustments phased in over four years, makes its impact in many areas of […]

Bundling Pilot Programs to Redefine Care in an Episodic Manner

The CMS Innovation Center Pilot programs are slated to begin in early 2014, and will reinvent care as we have known it under the PPS model. Looking back, it is evident that the installation of the Prospective Payment System (PPS), altering how care was managed from the previous fee-for-service approach, that defined the care continuum […]

Care Modeling: The Care Plan Production and Management of the Future

In 2013, Home Health Providers have been bombarded from all sides with challenges regarding how the homecare Benefit is evolving, and how care will be produced and managed in the near future. The 2014 PPS Proposed Rule, defined by rebasing payment cuts that extend through 2017, is our primary area of concern as the projected […]

2014 PPS Proposed Rule: A Directional Change

On June 27th, CMS released the 2014 Home Health PPS Proposed Rule, designed to outline the annual payment and regulatory updates to the community homecare benefit. The traditional areas of focus on payment cuts and quality reporting are joined by rebasing adjustments to the standardized 60-day episode payment rate, the per-visit payment rates and the […]

“50 feet”… And other Round-World Realities

The April 2011 APTA Home Health Combined Section publication contained a provocative article from Diane Kornetti, a Physical Therapist and Home Health Agency owner, addressing the reporting of denials seen regarding PT care programs. The title of the article “150 Feet … and Other Flat World Myths” was a back-handed response to the statements this […]

Hearing the Message of Healthcare Reform

An underlying theme present in the healthcare professionals’ response to the topic of care reform is the resistance to any significant change in how we do what we do. Administrators and physicians often express skepticism to the idea that the current level of quality care they manage, develop, or deliver can be improved for future […]

You Can’t Afford Not To… The Growing Necessity for Predictive Modeling in Home Care. By Daniel Hogan – CEO, Medalogix

The institution of heavy fines in 2012 for hospitals with readmission problems has turned the existing success measures in healthcare upside down. The issue of readmission reduction has become a topic on par with the Y2K phenomenon of 15 years ago, only this issue will amount to something previously unseen in healthcare management. Part of […]